Božana Ostojić: ” Serbia has the talent to organize events of a global significance”

Božana Ostojić: “ Serbia has the talent to organize events of a global significance”

She is a multiple champion of Serbia, a member of the national team, a record holder in The Guinness Book of Records. Today she is the President of the Federation of Underwater Activities Serbia and member of the Executive Bureau of the World Finswimming Federation – Božana Ostojic.

  1. What is common in the two functions you are currently engaged in?

“This sport is in some ways team and individual, but first of all it is a young sport discipline, which is still developing and becoming more and more popular. Of course, I went through those initial stages of development, grew up and at the same time developed myself.  After all, through what I went through, it was normal for me to get into management structures, to improve this sport and make it popular and accessible to everyone. After our country, I became a part of the world diving family. ”

  1. How much experience of participating in competitions contributed to such a responsible and demanding function?

“My experience is very important to understand the problems and ways of overcoming various it. In my career, I faced a number of situations; I learned through them, realized what has to be done in order to improve this sport. This experience now helps me in the further development of this sport in Serbia and in the world.”

  1. We are expecting the biggest challenge of our sport- The 20th CMAS Finswimming World Championships for seniors in Serbian capital. What’s your impression? Do we have the energy to organize the whole event? Can we reach the medal on the home court and in front of our audience? How much and in which disciplines?

“The World Championships requires a large organization. But in Serbia, we are talented for the successful organization of events of global significance. We efficiently solve problems, with always successful improvisation. For now, everything runs according to plan. Our country recognized our commitment. We have favorites, faith in a good result too. We are optimistic, but the prognosis is ungrateful, especially in this sport where some countries are far ahead of us in terms of the functioning of the federation and the financial support. However, our competitors are not without chances.

  1. Your career has been rich and long lasting, it lasted 25 years. What is the basic requirement for an athlete to be in competitive form for so many years?

“My career has lasted for a long time. There was everything -great success, euphoria, disappointment, but I solved all the problems and I survived. I think, even, that my problems motivated me to be even better. How much have I succeeded? Well, I am satisfied with what I have achieved. ”

  1. We are known as good hosts and great organizers of big competitions. How to bring the local audience to the poll “Milan Gale Muskatirovic” and Ada Ciganlija Lake to cheer for the competitors?

“I would be very pleased if the audience recognizes the amount of effort, enthusiasm, self-sacrifice and the faith of all involved in this event. By that, I mean, first of all, the competitors who worked hard to prepare for this grandiose event, and then for all those who have worked continuously these months to make the competition the best possible. Therefore, I ask fellow citizens to come in large numbers to the pool “Milan Gale Muškatirovic” and at Ada Ciganlija Lake to support the competitors.

  1. You are the holder of a team record in the Guinness Book of Records, as a member of the French expedition that dived into the cave system in Mexico, 92 km long. You also have a world record in diving at a depth of 127, 8 meters when you saved a colleague. Are you proud of this? What kind of feelings do you have for these memories?

“Surely my greatest successes are related to the record. Especially when I saved my colleague. Those were stressful moments, great responsibility, and adrenaline to the maximum. Of course I’m proud of everything that’s about my career. Memories are always important in life, especially in sports. It can be said that I am rich in what I was given by sports and my career. By that, I do not mean material things.

  1. Tips for young competitors?

“Thanks to my career I believe that I can give young athletes the right advice, timeless advice. They must believe in themselves, set their own goal and achieve it. How much will it succeed, it is individual. But for every success they should be proud of themselves.

  1. Diving at the time you started and diving today, in our country and in the world. Similarities and differences?

“When I started this sport, it was still developing. There is a huge difference, first of all in security, but also in the connection between science and business. Similarity? I think there was always the commitment of athletes, their enthusiasm. ”

  1. Investment in sports. How and in what way? Are there models abroad and are they applicable in Serbia? Or it’s everything about improvisations and talent?

“It’s different from abroad, and my engagement is moving in that direction to change some things, to improve conditions, to increase investments in sports, to change laws and adapt it.

  1. Can we make progress in diving just like in tennis and athletics, since all three of them are individual sports disciplines?

“What happened in tennis and athletics, and previously in table tennis, is a coincidence, it is a surprise, but we should not forget the important fact. Serbia is a nation of sports and winners. We are talented, mentally strong, persistent, and these are all the characteristics of successful athletes.